These 50 Business Ideas After Lockdown Will Make You Rich

Low risk business ideas after lockdown

Here is the list of Business Ideas After Lockdown.

The world is experiencing the worst phase of this century.

We all know that the world economic is going down.

If we can not do anything today, we can not survive tomorrow.

In India itself, the unemployment rate has been increasing so fast that it has reached the mark of 23% in April 2020.

A lot of you are searching on the internet that what are the ways to earn money in this situation.

I got your point and I began my research.

Here, in this article I am going give you a list of 50 business Ideas that you can start just after lockdown.

Also, I have listed some tips which will help you to start and grow your business.

So let’s see Business Ideas After Lockdown.

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List of Top 50 Unpopular Business Ideas After Lockdown

Business Ideas After Lockdown

Here is the list of Top 50 Unpopular Business Ideas After Lockdown.

1Homemade Clothes BusinessCheck Details
2Wooden Toys BusinessCheck Details
3Handbags MakingCheck Details
4Hair Decoration Accessories BusinessCheck Details
5Greeting Card MakingCheck Details
6T-shirts with a logo BusinessCheck Details
7Scented Candles MakingCheck Details
8Gift Basket MakingCheck Details
9Pillows MakingCheck Details
10Painting and Drawing BusinessCheck Details
11Apps MakingCheck Details
12Toiletries BusinessCheck Details
13Plantation BusinessCheck Details
14Tech Accessories BusinessCheck Details
15Kitchen Accessories BusinessCheck Details
16Handmade Watches BusinessCheck Details
17Hat Making BusinessCheck Details
18Ceramic Goods BusinessCheck Details
19Doll BusinessCheck Details
20Magnets BusinessCheck Details
21Embroidery BusinessCheck Details
22Spinning yarn BusinessCheck Details
23Bookmark BusinessCheck Details
24Graphic Design BusinessCheck Details
25Soap BusinessCheck Details
26Hanger Making BusinessCheck Details
27Lip Balm Making BusinessCheck Details
28Belt Making BusinessCheck Details
29Perfume BusinessCheck Details
30Statues and Stones BusinessCheck Details
31Office Organizer BusinessCheck Details
32Customized Cups Making BusinessCheck Details
33Leggings Making BusinessCheck Details
34Video Games BusinessCheck Details
35Dyeing Clothes BusinessCheck Details
36Alternating Clothes BusinessCheck Details
37Bread Making BusinessCheck Details
38Children’s Clothing Making BusinessCheck Details
39Cookies Making BusinessCheck Details
40Ornaments Making BusinessCheck Details
41Furniture Making BusinessCheck Details
42Rubber Stamp Making BusinessCheck Details
43Online Course BusinessCheck Details
44Picture Frames Making BusinessCheck Details
45Knitted Products Making BusinessCheck Details
46Statues Making BusinessCheck Details
47Curtains Making BusinessCheck Details
48Friendship Bracelet Making BusinessCheck Details
49Carved Items Making BusinessCheck Details
50Photography BusinessCheck Details

So , I have listed all the Business Ideas that you can start just after the lockdown.

I have not explained any of them, because it will increase the length of this blog.

You just have to shortlist some of them and search on google how to start those busineses and choose any one of them.

This will be better for you.

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So, as I have promised you earlier, I am going to give you some tips to start business after the lockdown.

Here it is,

Precious Tips to Start a Business After the Lockdown

To start a business in 2020 and specialy after the lockdown you have to follow these tips.

These tips will help you create a strong business model from any of the business ideas after lockdown.

1. Identify Potential Markets

After choosing the right business idea, first identify the potential customers who can buy your products.

2. Use Social Media Platforms

Create a business account on all of the social media platforms including FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

3. Write Blogs

Create a free blogger profile on

share your knowledge through blogs on your own language.

4. Use Live Streaming

Nowadays some social media channels are providing live streaming facilities.

like FB, Instagram, Linkedind and Youtube.

Just use this facility and interact with your audience,

5. Become a Part of Online & Local Business Communities

Search for some online & local business communities and join them.

This will help you to broaden your area of experties.

6. Plan for the Worst-Case Scenarios

As you can see that how sudden the economic crashes.

you should always have a backup plan.

In my scenario I try to manage atleast 300% margine.

In which I consider 100% as my profit, other 100% is for reinvestment on business and other 100% is for saving.

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7. Create a Website

You dont have to spend money to create website.

Go to and create a free website easily.

This will make your business more professional.

8. Create Podcasts

The Trend of podcats is increasing day by day.

And you can create podcasts about you business.

just go to and create free podcasts.

9. Upload Videos of your work to Youtube

You should showcase your work on youtube.

Because you already how much we spend our time on this app.

Now, its your task to produce contents for your potential customers.

9. Interlink all of them

After doing all the tast listed above, you just have to interlink all of them.

So that, your audience can follow your business on other channels too.


So, these were the top 50 low risk Business Ideas After the Lockdown.

Also, I have mentioned some tips to start your business and grow it.

If you have any other question related to this topic, then please ask me in the comments.


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