The Hidden Method to Make 30k Fast in 2020 -Secret Revealed

Make 30k fast

There are multiple ways to make 30k fast in 2020. 

This effort take a long time or money or both.

Here, in this article, I am going to share with you a step by step guide to making 30k fast in 2020

A lot of online entrepreneurs are using this technique and making way more than $30k.

Before telling you the secret I wanna tell you that I try to provide values in people’s lives through my money-making contents.

So, I want you to follow all the steps honestly and wait for the magical result at the end.

There are a lot of other sites claiming to provide information about online earning but not all of them are legit.

Here I am providing you a real-world step by step information and guidance to make $30k fast in 2020 So that you can expand your lifestyle.

Steps To Make 30k Fast in 2020

1. Conversation Topics of your Friend Circle | The Best way to Make 30k Fast

Make 30k Fast

Everyone is different. 

Different goals, different choices, different dreams, and different interests.

And people tend to spend time with those whose field of interest is matching.

You just have to sit back and think about the topics you talk with your friends.

  • Now you’ll find 2 to 3 topics of your interest. 
  • Now think of that one topic on which you can spend all of your time.

This is your field of interest.

You can make 30k fast only after you identify your field of interest.

I can spend my whole day sharing business ideas and how to make money ideas because I am interested in this topic and I do not feel tired talking about it.

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2. Gather People’s Queries who wants to Make 30k Fast

Make 30k Fast

After finding out your “make me rich topic”.

  • Now you have to gather questions related to your niche.
  • The best way to do this is going to
  • Search for your niche and you’ll find all the questions related to your niche.

It is not just a dream to make 30k fast. You can make it possible as soon as you apply aa these steps.

Just note down all the question, because the next step will make you rich.

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3. Get Affiliate Products | Another step to Make 30k Fast

Make 30k fast
  • You have decided on your niche (the topic of interest).
  • Now find some affiliate products related to your niche.

An affiliate product is someone other’s products, which you have to promote and sell so that you can get commissions. This is called affiliate marketing.

  • Let’s say the commission rate is $1000 per sale.
  • Then you just have yo sell 30 products per day to make $30k in a day.

Yes, you can make 30k fast. Just start now.

If you need to get help in affiliate marketing you can refer this 12-minute affiliate marketing course. This is the best place to start affiliate marketing.

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4. Always provide value in order to Make 30k Fast

Make 30k fast

Remember I have told you in step 3 that you have to collect all the questions.

  • Now you have questions and affiliate products.
  • You just have to answer them by providing some value and add affiliate products in the answer (if needed).
  • Never spam. People will know when you spam them. 
  • Only add products when you really think that the product is good for your readers.
  • In order to make 30k fast, you have to be honest while sharing information.

I also follow the same rule, I always recommend only those products which I have personally used before and given me good results.

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Conclusion on making 30k Fast in 2020

Always remember to provide value to your readers and don’t forget to check out the 12-minute affiliate marketing course

It can change your life forever.

If you have any queries then ask me in the comments.


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